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Nexa-Autocolor-Motorsport-Newsletter – lookup 26./27. Okt. 2012

Dörr Motorsport: Spell of winter weather prevents desired final result of the season

The 37th DMV Münsterlandpokal was to be the last event of the 2012 Endurance Championship Nürburgring season for Dörr Motorsport. However, the race was cancelled due to a sudden spell of winter weather in the Eifel.
Dörr Motorsport had intended to finish the season with the best possible result in the last race of the year. Since their McLaren MP4-12C GT3 did not participate in the previous two races after the qualifying sessions, the team from Frankfurt were highly motivated for the final event of the season. In addition to the McLaren the team also entered an Aston Martin V8 Vantage again.

Nürburgring covered in snow

After the free practice session on Friday had taken place in extremely wet conditions, the organiser decided, after long deliberations, to cancel the qualifying session and the race on Saturday due to the weather conditions. Even though most parts of the track were drivable, racing was impossible due to ice and snow in the Tiergarten and Fuchsröhre sections as well as in several safety zones.
Team Manager Uwe Isert supported the decision. “I am sure that the decision not to drive today was right. It would have been simply irresponsible to start a race under these conditions. Obviously we would have been very happy to drive, particularly because we achieved major improvements with the McLaren during our test sessions in Portimao. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until next year now.”

Continued performance improvements

The 2012 season brought many new things for Dörr Motorsport: The team from Frankfurt switched to the McLaren MP4-12C after using a BMW for many years and dared to advance to a top team with the intention to compete for overall victories in the long term. Team Principal Rainer Dörr looks back at a season which started under difficult conditions. “There is no doubt that it was not easy for us to bring the McLaren to its full potential at the Nordschleife at the beginning of the year. However, we achieved major improvements after the 24-Hour Race.” The team have fond memories of the sixth event in particular. “It was a great achievement when we scored a position in the first row in the qualifying session for the first time and then we were able to take the lead and defend it for several laps,” says the team principal and adds, “We also have to thank our partners Pirelli, Bilstein and Pagid. They supported us throughout the year.”

Dörr Motorsport secured a total of four class victories this year, including the victory in the SP6 category (modified cars up to a capacity of 3.5 litres) at the 24-Hour Race and two Top 5 places in the overall standings.

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